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Erotheek Freya is known to many amateur couples and single men. Couples who are looking for other couples to experience a sexual adventure together. But also couples who like it when single men participate and/or watch. Our combination with a classic sex cinema fits well with the fetish of some. Cinema on the ground floor and two large swingers' areas on the first floor.

If you are a couple and you have a "cuckold" fantasy, we are happy to help you make your fantasy come true. If necessary, we can arrange a "custom party". Discuss it when you visit us.

We consciously choose to be accessible. So for couples the entrance is always free. Single gentlemen pay a daily fee for access to all rooms for the entire day. This accessibility and small scale make us very flexible. We can quickly respond to individual wishes of, for example, a couple. 

HYGIENE AND RESPECT: We are very happy with the active and handsome couples who visit us. We obviously want to keep it that way. Therefore, here is a point of order: the amateur couples visiting us particularly appreciate excellent hygiene. That is why the house rule when visiting the swinger rooms upstairs is: always shower ON THE SPOT beforehand.  FREYA supervises this. Adjust your behavior to the couples present, so always respect their boundaries. Couples are not obliged to actively participate. Everything is done with UNCONDITIONAL respect for their boundaries.

If you don't know us yet, please come and visit us. And those who already know us, come and meet our completely renovated spaces. Especially for you! 

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